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Case Study: Daydreaming with UNKLE

June 24 - 25th 2017

UNKLE is the music collective and creative platform of James Lavelle, one of britain’s most influential artists.
His extraordinary career spans music, fashion, art, moving image, digital art, brand, performance and events.


In anticipation of the release of UNKLE's fifth studio album, 'The Road: Part I' This Must Be The Place worked closely with UNKLE's James Lavelle and his 'Daydreaming with...' team to produce a series of unique and interactive events in meanwhile spaces at Leeds Dock exploring the cultural impact of 25 years of UNKLE spanning music, film, toys, fashion, performance, digital art, brand and art, accompanied by an intimate Q&A and DJ set.

The show explored music, art and street culture from a host of talented artists and collaborators, including 3D of Massive Attack, infamous NY graffiti pioneer Futura 2000, digital artist Doug Foster, Mo' Wax graphic designer Ben Drury and many more. A pop-up store sold collaborative rare counter cultural artefacts from brands Hysteric Glamour, Neigbourhood, Undercover, as well as Cali Thornhill Dewitt (Kanye West’s designer), and vintage collectible archival pieces from Nike and Converse plus Medicom & Kubrick toys. 

The exhibition also featured a cinema showing a selection of UNKLE's iconic music videos from the likes of Jonathan Glazer, Spike Jonze and Shinola and presented a unique opportunity to ‘step inside’ Doug Foster’s mesmerising ‘Visions From The Road’ - a 5m tall digital art installation and reflecting pool choreographed to a selection of tracks from 'The Road: Part 1' allowing the audience to 'experience art at it’s most immersive' (James Lavelle). 

Huge thanks to partners Canon, Steljes, Leeds BID, Curiosity Allotment and Sonder Studios for their support.

James is one of the true cultural provocateurs who has consistently been at the cutting edge of culture
— Jefferson Hack, Dazed & Confused
UNKLE has always been a multi-sensory creative project, ranging from genre-defining music to cutting-edge visual art. It therefore feels incredibly fitting to celebrate UNKLE’s past, present and future in Leeds, with an immersive show at the cultural hub of Leeds Dock.

The exhibition is a collaboration between a number of very talented artists, presenting everything from paintings, videos, artefacts and film screenings; this is the definitive UNKLE experience. I look forward to welcoming visitors to daydream with us.
— James Lavelle
The ‘Dunkle’ was one of the very first
non sports personality collaborations for Nike.

In a time when collaborations are common place it is hard to comprehend just how ground breaking this shoe was and impossible at the time to imagine that it would spawn a billion dollar industry.
UNKLE GIF-iloveimg-compressed.gif
Poster 1-iloveimg-compressed.gif
Inspired by the desire to marry music and the visual arts, Daydreaming With... is an art exhibition series, which aims to create a unique and multi-sensory experience, unprecedented by museum exhibitions or music festivals.

Mo’Wax and UNKLE founder, artist and DJ assumes the role of curator for each Daydreaming with… project.

The artists involved represent a wide range of disciplines, including film, music, photography, fashion, performance, painting and sculpture. These experiences are combined under one roof to create the ultimate multi-sensory environment. Daydreaming with… is an opportunity for those of all ages interested in the music and visual arts communities to engage with works by some of the leading creatives and to experience these media in a new and exciting way.
— Jane Davies, Daydreaming With ...

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