This Must Be The Place
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We believe that community is at the heart of a happy life and that, in turn,
a community is at the heart of a happy and successful place – it gives a place soul.

That is why everything we do is focussed on creating connections between people that stimulate and foster relationships in order to build, or rebuild, a sense of community: whether it’s an event, experiential activity, social campaign, art installation or neighbourhood strategy.

This Must Be The Place is a unique creative placemaking agency hell-bent on restoring the sense of community that we have lost by living in cities.

We provide tailored services to innovative developers, landlords and councils, helping them fulfil their obligations and achieve their ambitions to create and sustain places where people love to live, work and play. 

We also help cultural creators, curators and brands create memorable, shareable experiences, boost and entertain their communities, reach new audiences, find space and obtain sponsorship or funding.

We approach each challenge with fresh eyes, eager ears and open minds in order to see into the core requirements of each project and its community and we always start and end with people.

We take inspiration and learning from the wide spectrum of places that people spend their time both off and online from blogs, social media, websites, forums, retail concepts, clubs, bars cafes, restaurants, parks, magazines, social clubs, cults, church, fashion tribes and so on. All provide invaluable insight into behaviour and new methods of communication that can influence our work.

Our core team brings over 75 years of placemaking, design, event and marketing experience to each project. Our on-demand creative placemaking services seamlessly integrate into your business supporting your teams where needed while granting you access to a network of senior strategy, event, marketing and design associates.

We apply our bespoke methodology that we call ‘the science and alchemy of placemaking’ to curate, create or regenerate places and foster community.

We apply theory, practice, insight and research - the science - to gain a full and sensitive understanding of the opportunities in the short, mid and long term, enabling us to develop personalised strategies for each project.

Then we find that perfect mix of elements, unique to each project, that, combined, transform a place and give it soul - the alchemy: a blend of experience, trends, intuition, foresight, local knowledge and a touch of inspiration and magic.


If you are looking to transform a place
or foster community we would love to help. 

Please drop us an email here
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