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This Must Be The Place is a unique, interdisciplinary placemaking consultancy made up of property, culture, events, brand, food and drink specialists. 

We approach placemaking from a pragmatic and commercial viewpoint, ensuring that our strategies are grounded in reality, providing tangible opportunities for growth and revenue generation, and ensuring that our ‘meanwhile’ use transforms into meaningful permanent offerings and actual leases.

This Must Be The Place is the strategic and creative placemaking arm of the Vibration Group, the UK’s most innovative event and venue business. Together with Vibration and Broadwick Venues, another of the companies within the group, we are rapidly becoming known as the go-to specialists in commercial cultural regeneration, having successfully written and implemented strategies to transform a series of industrial and heritage buildings into culture venues that act as destination catalysts: Printworks London, an award-winning music venue at Canada Water; The Drumsheds, London’s newest indoor & outdoor cultural space at Meridian Water, Enfield; and Depot Mayfield, a series of spaces in a disused train station in Manchester.

We also operate at the other end of the spectrum, working on high street enlivenment, community engagement and destinational events, that draw footfall, raise awareness and foster a sense of place.

We write, curate and create cultural strategies and programmes - from digital art strategies to interactive light installations, from tech enabled bill boards and foyers to music and moving image festivals.

We are currently working on some of the UK’s most exciting regeneration projects, including Silvertown Quays, Mayfield Depot, Canada Water, Meridian Water, Euston Station and Croydon Town centre, helping our clients to redefine what is possible in the short, mid and long term.

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Printworks London - 2018 highlights


The Vibration Group and This Must Be The Place are rapidly becoming synonymous with regeneration, dramatically and dynamically transforming heritage buildings into cultural catalysts for change


Radically transforming places through culture, commerce & community


From strategic thinking to actual doing, we are at the forefront of what we term ‘commercial placemaking’ - a realistic, pragmatic and commercial approach to the activation of underused or unused places in the short, mid and long term.

We are working with a host of innovative clients on the UK’s most exciting development projects. 

Please see a selection of our projects below. Get in touch to learn more about how we are helping our clients to define and activate their spaces.


Place Platform & Meanwhile cultural / Commercial Placemaking:
millennium Mills & Silvertown quays for lendlease


Meanwhile strategy:
Birmingham Smithfield For lendlease


Commercial Placemaking Strategy & Implementation:
Exhibition London for westfielD


Cultural catalyst & Commercial Placemaking Strategy
& implementation:
Mayfield depot for u+i


Cultural Catalyst & Commercial Placemaking Strategy
& implementation:
Drumsheds, Meridian Water, for enfield council


Brand Vision:
Elephant Park for lendlease


Place Vision:
Euston Station for lendlease


Cultural Catalyst & Commercial Placemaking Strategy
& implementation:
printworks London, canada Water, for British land


critical consultation:
IQL North for Lendlease


Daydreaming with UNKLE, meanwhile exhibition, Leeds Dock, For Allied London


meanwhile & Cultural strategy:Cambridge North, For U+I


Meanwhile use STrategy & Implementation:
Queen’s Square for R&F Properties

Cultural programming and production: ‘Daydreaming with UNKLE’ multi-media exhibition for Leeds BID and Leeds Dock, Allied London

It has been great working with the This Must Be The Place team over the last 12 months. In just under a year we established a shared vision, developed the concept and worked tirelessly in a spirit of partnership working to deliver the hugely successful Field Day and Drumsheds at Meridian Water.
— Meridian Water Team, Enfield Council

How we can help

& Services

This Must Be The Place is an interdisciplinary placemaking consultancy. We bring extensive design, event, brand activation, marketing, comms and property experience to each project.

We provide tailored placemaking services, supporting innovative developers, landlords, local authorities and BIDs to achieve their ambitions in creating and sustaining places where communities flourish and people thrive (all while fulfilling their obligations).

We specialise in place, catalyst and meanwhile strategies and their implementation - off-setting costs and generating revenue for our clients through considered programming, curated partnerships and the commercial management of spaces. 

We also; curate cultural programmes; create brand platforms and identities; write and facilitate workshops and design charrettes; commission participatory art installations; run community engagements and deliver engaging event programmes. 

Being part of the Vibration Group, we have direct access to a host of industry-leading services and people, meaning that we can seamlessly execute and manage the strategies we create, quickly and easily. 



Place Platforms (visions, pillars, principles etc)

Catalyst & Meanwhile

Commercial Placemaking

Culture & Content

Leasing & Partnerships

Brand Vision & Messaging

Marketing & Brand Comms

Public Realm Design & Activation


Partner / tenant identification, recruitment & management

Funding and sponsorship


Critical friend (assess / test / stretch)


Event production & management

Art direction & graphic design

Brand comms (films, printed materials, websites, social media assets)

On-site branding and enlivenment (hoarding, way-finding, entrances, art installations)


Opportunity identification & development

Asset & catalyst development & preparation

Licensing, planning & legals

Partner / Tenant recruitment & management

Site / venue preparations

Asset / venue / estate management

Content curation, creation & activation

Event production & management

Commercial opportunity development, sales & activation

Development of temporary leases into permanent tenancies

Revenue generation & off-setting costs


Community engagement (consultations, events and activities)


Experience design & facilitation

Production & management

Capturing & reporting


Stakeholder & community engagement (interviews, workshops, participatory exercises)

Information harvesting

Desk, local & on-site research

Written & visual reports

Production of reporting assets (films, books)

Heritage & futures

Site tours

Place briefings


Art Direction & graphic design

Brand Identity & assets

Tone of Voice & Messaging

Web design & social media assets

Video & online content

On-site Presence (hoarding, entrances, signage, way-finding)


Content creation & curation

Art curation, programming & management

Event creation, design & curation

Event production & management

S.T.E.A.M inspired family events

Community events

Digital art curation

Art & culture events (ticketed & free)

Commercial content


Commercial management

Temporary & permanent leases

Marketing & sales


Event production




Field Day at the Drumsheds (promo), for Enfield Council
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Squidsoup’s & Four Tet’s ‘Light Water, Dark Sky’ installation for Light Night Leeds and Leeds Dock, Allied London